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Process and Services

Holistic Fiduciary Wealth Management

Our Investment Process: We interview our clients to create a mind map of the things that are important to them.

Starting with their relationships, we explore their interests, values, goals, assets, advisors, and expectations. We also create a road map or a calendar of the sequence of events needed to implement their plan. We believe successful investment management takes into account your complete financial picture. To see your complete financial picture, we interview our prospective clients to create a Discovery Plan. In our perspective, all aspects of our clients’ financial lives impact one another and help guide our strategy.

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3 Different Planning Approaches

We use three different planning approaches to ensure we cover all of the bases for our clients. First, mean variance optimization with Monte Carlo simulation. Second, asset liability matching with Monte Carlo simulation. Third, if necessary, full traditional financial planning.

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Holistic Models

We are well-versed in the statistical analysis of asset classes and managers. Critical measures, such as alpha, beta, standard deviation and up down capture ratio, among others, are part of our portfolio construction methodology.

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Carefully Selected SMA Managers

Our Strategic asset allocation models are regularly evaluated to make sure the component managers or indexes are the best available in their investment universe. We are agnostic as to whether to use active or passive strategies in portfolio construction; it does not matter to us. If alpha does not exist in an asset class, we will index that asset class.

Our Ongoing Process

Establish Objectives

After our intake interview process, we create a mind map and a road map for our clients. These two critical pieces give us the information we need to help our clients plan their financial future. Not only do we have a plan that we have created together, but we also have a timeline for accomplishing the necessary tasks to implement that plan.

Set Strategy

After a thorough review of their current and future assets and liabilities, we formulate our client’s personal asset allocation strategy. We seek to minimize risk and help clients reach their financial objectives, and we work with them to understand their risk tolerance.

Review Progress

We use two approaches to review our clients’ progress in reaching their goals. First, through our asset liability matching planning approach, we evaluate the client’s estimated budget versus their actual expenditures. This is a critical determinate in setting their strategic asset allocation strategy. Second, we monitor the individual parts of the collective portfolio, comparing the client’s results to their personal and collective benchmarks. This is important as our objective is to deliver alpha, defined as excess return over the benchmark, to the client.

Implement Solutions

Our network of wholesale providers is employed to implement the strategic asset allocation strategy for our clients. We have high standards and select both active and passive managers that fit our value and objectives. When building portfolios, we select products based on careful consideration of the lowest cost versus alpha.

Our Services

We understand the importance of getting to know clients as both investors and individuals, which is why we work with the individual, their family and their other trusted advisors to ensure that our approach aligns with their current lifestyle, tolerances and aspirations.

We offer clients a robust suite of wealth management, advisory and home office services, customized to your needs, including Estate Planning, Investment Management and Risk Management.

Estate Planning


Ensuring that your estate is structured to minimize tax costs to your heirs; your documents are up-to-date; and that adequate liquidity is in place


A statement of purpose: a context within which all decisions, goals and actions are formulated


Employing your wealth to build on your family’s vision, and to create a lasting and meaningful legacy which goes beyond your immediate heirs

Investment Management


Constructing and holistic managing customized investment portfolios that seek to achieve your short and long-term financial goals


Open source, non-proprietary, thorough analysis


Employing proactive tax strategies to minimize the impact of federal, state and local taxes on your family’s wealth


Striving to ensure that you have adequate funds to support your retirement lifestyle

Risk Management


Striving to ensure that your family’s lifestyle and legacy are adequately protected; potential risks are identified, mitigated or transferred in the most cost-effective way


Proactively managing the liability side of your balance sheet to help ensure that debt levels are appropriate, cost effective and tax-efficient


Safeguarding the health and well-being of those most important to you

Take control of your future.

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